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The New York City Apartment Management Checklist

Every now and then, we still run into a company managing apartments in New York City that doesn't subscribe to the New York City Apartment Management Checklist. While there is no silver bullet to keeping track of absolutely everything you will ever need to know in the world of...

“Wow, that’s fast.” RapidPay is Live!

MDS officially launched our highly anticipated RapidPay Invoice Imaging system this week with a party at Heartland Brewery's Empire State Building location and I'm more excited than ever about what this product is going to do for our clients.  One of our Beta testers...

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Setting a Higher Bar in New York

The more time I spend in the property management software industry, the more confident I get in the level of service and the quality of the product that we offer our clients.  Just recently, an intelligent, thoughtful prospect who’s experienced managing very large portfolios with some of the most popular (and expensive) programs on the market today, told me that “nobody is really happy with...

5 Things to Watch Out for When Shopping for Property Management Software

The flood of property management software systems coming onto the market today is making it more and more difficult for a consumer to make an educated decision as to which product will best suit their needs.  Here are five things to watch out for when shopping for property management software: 1.  Vendors That are New to the Market. It is a monumental task to design and test a comprehensive,...

Who Is Shopping for Property Management Software?

A quick look at the list of our pending contracts gives a pretty good sense of who is out there shopping for property management software.  Really, our prospective clients almost always break down into several broad categories. At any given time, our team is consulting with at least several companies that are in the market because their current system is text based and outdated.  Most of the...

How Are You Filing Your Annual Rent Registrations with the DHCR?

Well, like it or not it’s that time of year again- July 31st is fast approaching and it is time to file your Annual Apartment Registrations with the DHCR for rent stabilized apartments.  As many building owners in New York can attest, this process can be quite tedious and time consuming. To file correctly, owners should be looking back on what was charged on April 1 and taking into account any...

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Handling your Lockbox Overflow

This week, MDS installed two more Virtual Lockbox systems.  In both cases, our clients were already using a traditional third party lockbox and had decided to use this system to scan the items that ended up in their office for a variety of reasons including payments returned to the lockbox without coupons and third party checks that the lockbox was unable to match to a resident’s account.  These...

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