Why Separate Modules for Commercial Real Estate Management?

By on September 13, 2013

It has never made much sense to our team that you should have to log into a separate system to handle commercial units.  After all, the core of what is required of a good residential or commercial property management system is the same.  Namely, bulletproof accounting, a well designed and easy to navigate user interface along with other core functionality like document imaging and work order management.

That’s not to say that a Tenant File for a residential tenant should look the same as one for a commercial type tenant, it’s just that we take a much more user friendly and practical approach to the solution of this problem.  Quite simply, the Tenant File in MDS changes automatically depending on the type of unit you are working with.  Flip from a residential unit to an office unit and the screen changes.  The ability to track the base year appears on the screen just as the no longer applicable field to enter SCRIE information is removed.  It is very simple- browse to the unit you’d like to work with and you are in business.  There is never a need to log out and in to a separate system.

The entire suite of features for commercial property management is built into MDS Explorer- there is no need to purchase a separate module.  Everything from complicated rent escalations to tenant Chargebacks is gracefully handled from a single system.

So, instead of breaking our commercial features into a separate add-on module, we are going to continue building them into our core product because this is what makes sense for the overall design and ease of use that is always most important to our team in the design of our system.