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Increase your efficiencies with a wide range of software options and services built for NYC.

Software Options

Document Management


 The RapidFile Document Management System efficiently scans and files high volumes of documents related to property management quickly and accurately through the magic of barcodes.

Check Scanning


 The Virtual Lockbox System reduces the labor associated with accounts receivable processing while increasing overall accuracy for property managers dealing with high volumes of checks and bank accounts.

Invoice Scanning & Web Based Approval System


The MDS RapidPay system lets you scan and OCR vendor invoices and to route them for approval through custom workflows. reducing the time associated with manual processing and approvals.

Online Rent Payment & Account Access


 The MDS Resident Portal lets you provide your residents with the highest level of service, allowing secure online access to their accounts while reducing incoming phone calls and email inquiries.

Vacancy Lease Creation & Processing System


 Generate Vacancy Leases and move residents that sign directly into your core database eliminating costly mistakes and double data entry.

Job Costing & Project Management System


 Track costs related to major construction and renovation projects quickly and easily with minimal extra steps for a complete picture of each and every job.

Purchase Order & Inventory Management System


Control purchasing decisions and manage inventory to eliminate waste and abuse through tight controls and auditable transactions.

Integrated Services

Custom Report Design Services


Meet the needs of even your most exacting internal and external clients by leveraging the expertise of the MDS design team to create the precise reports your clients demand without resorting to manual creation within Excel.

Custom Data Conversions


Eliminate costly manual setup procedures when initially launching your MDS system and when you expand your portfolio after you’re already live.

Training & Consulting


Boost the performance level of your entire staff by consulting with our professional training team through live on-site visits, tailored remote training sessions or signing up for a class with MDS Academy.

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