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The MDS Platform

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The MDS Platform: Core Product Features

EnterpriseCore Features
Resident Management

With our property management tools, you’ll efficiently manage detailed and comprehensive contact and billing information across your entire portfolio.

Lease Renewal Management

Manage the renewal process from beginning to end with a complete suite of features to efficiently handle your Rent Stabilized, Fair Market and Commercial portfolios.

Rent/Maintenance Invoices

Choose from a suite of invoice and statement formats or create your own to be emailed, printed in-house or sent to the printer of your choice in an intelligent and efficient way.

Automated Monthly Management Statements

Generate complete packages of reports customized by company and recipient at the touch of a few buttons to be printed or emailed depending on the preference of each recipient.

Powerful Reporting Options

From designing your own custom reports to choosing from over 100 system supplied options, you'll be able to suit the precise needs of your most particular and exacting clients. 

NY Specific Features

Leverage the efficiencies built into the core of the MDS system over 35 years of experience catering exclusively to the New York market. Features to handle everything from Preferential Rents to DHCR Rent Registrations have been carefully thought out and refined to work in a scalable, intuitive and efficient way.

Integrated Accounts Payable

Control your accounts payable process from beginning to end through complete visibility across all expenditure types across your entire organization.

Integrated General Ledger

Analyze and compare the financial health of your portfolio by easily measuring your performance against budgets and historical metrics on the fly, in real time.

Work Order Tracking

Minimize the cost related to maintenance and violations by closely tracking issues being reported and the status of each job across your portfolio.

Legal Tracking

Minimize the costs associated with L&T related matters by efficiently managing and tracking the complete legal process from the generation of a 3-day notice to the final outcome of a case.

Electronic Reminders

Track important deadlines and general to-do items for all members of your organization while creating accountability through the generation of management reports to track and measure outstanding items per team member.

Co-op & Condo Portfolio Management Specific Features

With features that help you do everything from easy global increases to printing ballots for board elections, our management software efficiently manages cooperative and condominium portfolios

Commercial Portfolio Management Specific Features

MDS also functions as commercial real estate property management software. MDS includes everything you need to manage your commercial tenants with ease, from the calculation of real estate tax billing to quick and easy tenant chargebacks.

Next Generation Core Product Releases

SPIRE is a completely browser based version of MDS that works on any device with internet access.

Options & Services

Increase your efficiencies with a wide range of software and service options.

3rd Party Integrations

Eliminate manual data entry by integrating your entire back-office.

Custom Data Conversions

Full service, custom data conversions, on time & on budget.

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