“Wow, that’s fast.” RapidPay is Live!

By on September 13, 2013

MDS officially launched our highly anticipated RapidPay Invoice Imaging system this week with a party at Heartland Brewery’s Empire State Building location and I’m more excited than ever about what this product is going to do for our clients.  One of our Beta testers proactively came up to me and told me that “it took me a day to process this many invoices (as she held her hands fairly wide apart, indicating what to me seemed like quite a large stack of bills).”

However, I frankly wasn’t sure what that meant in relative terms, or if it was good or bad, so I asked her, “How long did it used to take you?”.

“About a week” was the response.

“Wow, that’s fast” I couldn’t help but respond.

While we could show an abbreviated demonstration of this system at the launch party, we couldn’t get into a deep and detailed explanation of things.  Apparently, that short demonstration combined with the testimonials of the beta testers that were present was enough in some cases because we had customers ready to sign up that night.  The next day I was flooded with requests for more detailed demonstrations.

I am truly looking forward to getting RapidPay installed at more and more client sites and gathering the testimonials which are sure to follow.

Thank you again to our valued community of beta testers and to all of our loyal customers that joined us to celebrate the beginning of the end of data entry.