How MDS helps its customers manage property in New York

By on May 11, 2021

Managing properties in New York presents a series of challenges not faced by operators in other parts of the country. Local laws and regulations are constantly in flux, and it is important to select a property management software provider that can adapt to these changes quickly so your operation can run as efficiently and profitably as possible. MDS has been working with our customers to constantly adapt our products and services to changes in local law for over 40 years. We are focused exclusively on delivering a property management software solution that enables our loyal customers to run as efficiently and profitably as possible in New York. 


The MDS product is always being updated to adapt to the constant, and at times sweeping, changes taking place in New York. The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 is perhaps the most glaring example of a raft of regulations that placed a series of new requirements on our customers practically overnight. With the stroke of a pen, the rules affecting everything from what could be charged in late fees to how annual rent registrations get filed was changed. Many aspects of property management software systems deployed throughout New York were effectively broken overnight, which meant falling back to tedious manual procedures or running the risk of costly fines. Without the right property management software partner, managers were stuck reporting their issues into a black hole and hoping their provider would their change requests seriously enough to eventually provide an effective software update. Within one rent cycle, MDS customers were able to resume everything from automated late charge processing to the generation of compliant rent demand notices (and so much more). When something changes in New York, MDS is one of the first to know and the fastest to respond. All we worry about is New York, and the speed at which we react to changes in local law is reflective of that commitment. 


Working with an experienced, well-trained staff of experts that know how to deploy property management software to make it work in the real world is just as important as the software itself. Our staff knows the intricacies of our product, the local industry, and how to consult with customers to ensure a smooth rollout. Our team builds long-term relationships with our loyal user base ensuring ongoing, continuous improvement of your overall operation. From initial data conversion to assisting with day-to-day questions, a top-notch support team is critical to a successful deployment. Improving your operation should never stop, and the team at MDS is committed to helping you make continuous improvements to your operation throughout the life of your relationship with MDS. 


MDS is an expert at building, deploying, and supporting back-office property management accounting software that handles the management of your New York buildings and tenants throughout their lifecycle. Delivering and constantly refining the many aspects that go into delivering this solution keeps us plenty busy, which is why we partner with other companies that are also experts in their specialties. Are you looking to outsource the processing of your accounts payable? We can either refer a vetted expert provider or work with the vendor of your choosing. Our goal is to create an overall ecosystem that works best for our clients. That might mean building a solution that helps our customers be more efficient, or to tightly integrate a third-party product into our core accounting product. While we can frequently refer customers to best-of-breed providers, we will ultimately work to deploy whatever solutions are best for the business of our customers. 


If you are operating buildings in New York, your choice of a property management software provider will have a tremendous impact on your operation for many years, for better or for worse. While choosing a product that includes the specific New York features you need is critical; just as important is the ability of your software partner to properly assist in initial system deployment and ongoing usage and refinement. Pairing these core building blocks with tight integrations to other expert providers is our specialty at MDS. Choosing MDS puts you and your staff in a position to operate at optimal efficiency in the demanding world of New York property management.