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New York regulations. Nobody responds faster to the changes than MDS Property Management Software.



At MDS Property Management Software, we pride ourselves in developing, implementing and supporting a state-of-the-art property management software product through personalized service that cannot be matched by larger national competitors. By focusing on our local market, we are able to respond rapidly to changes in local law and market trends affecting the New York City property management industry. At our core, we are extremely customer-centric and will always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients refer us to their colleagues. Over the years, we have maintained over a 95% customer retention rate (read our customer reviews) which we are confident represents an overall level of satisfaction that is unmatched in the property management software industry.

New York City Specific Property Management Software Features

DHCR Lease Renewal Packages

  The RapidFile Document Management System efficiently scans and files high volumes of documents related to property management quickly and accurately through the magic of barcodes.

Preferential Rent Management

 Our rental property management software seamlessly manages your preferential rent tenants.

Annual Apartment Rent Registrations

 Using rental property management tools, you’re able to generate electronic rent registrations based on transactional history produced over the normal course of business for submission directly to DHCR through the ARRO website.

Annual Notice Tracking

Track notices that require an annual response from tenants easily and efficiently, to include everything from Window Guards to Lead Paint notices.

Bed Bug Infestation- Local Law 69

 Track bed bug infestations and generate notices to be included with Vacancy Leases and Lease Renewals and remain in compliance with local law.

RPIE Reporting Worksheets

 Generate reports to include the information required for you to more efficiently complete your annual RPIEs.

MCI Calculations & Billing

 Enter the details of your MCI orders and let MDS calculate and perform complicated future billings, including caps and future legal increases while staying compliant with the DHCR and recouping your costs.

Individual Apartment Improvement (IAI) Tracking

Track all costs and related documentation with respect to IAIs for easy reproduction when destabilizing a unit.

Cooperative Management Tools

Manage your portfolio of cooperative units with a range of capabilities including everything from global maintenance increases and abatements to the generation of ballots and sign-in sheets.

Section 8 Management

Track charges and subsidies through intuitive alternate ledgers that are automatically created and maintained, without the need to create duplicative building and units.

Mitchell Lama Surcharge Calculation & HPD Reporting

Track demographic information and calculate related charges to effectively manage Mitchell Lama type cooperatives.

Local Knowledge!

Work with our team of experts that already speak your language and specialize in the intricacies of managing property in NYC. The alphabet soup of the New York market doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel. From SCRIE, DRIE, J-51, 421-a and everything in between, chances are, we already have a solution for you!

Reviews from Our Customers

Dealing with a local software provider focused on the New York market is very important to us.  As anyone managing properties in New York knows, the rules are endless and constantly changing.  MDS is able to quickly build out new functionality and to modify existing systems which really helps us to stay in compliance in an efficient way.

Robert Malek
Malek Management
Brooklyn, NY

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