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Integrated General Ledger

Rock-solid accounting is where it all begins.



The foundation of any great property management software starts with a rock-solid accounting platform, and as veterans with over 35 years in this business, we appreciate just how difficult that is to achieve. The fact is, a programming team can extensively test a product and never uncover the sorts of scenarios that occur in the real world. The experience of having processed hundreds of millions of transactions over the decades gives the MDS product an advantage over industry newcomers that can only come from real world experience. Over the past several years, startup software companies have made a splash with sexy looking user interfaces and tenant portals. Those things are nice to have, but if the accounting doesn’t cut it, you are investing in something that has a long way to go, with no fast and easy fixes that can be made. The MDS accounting platform is reliable, efficient and flexible with the track record to prove it.

Key Features

  • Reliable, proven system with parameterized business rules to ensure things consistently run the way you expect
  • Flexible reporting to satisfy the most demanding clients
  • Full support of budgeting vs actual reporting
  • Tools to rollup or drill down into your portfolio to deliver financial data the way you want to see it without manual manipulation
  • Simultaneous cash and accrual based accounting
  • Support for single or multiple charts of accounts
  • Ability to support and reconcile an unlimited number of bank accounts per entity

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