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by | Mar 14, 2023

As property managers, one of the most important touch points that you have with your clients is the package of reports you deliver on a monthly basis. A good property management report package should be easy to understand and hold up to close scrutiny.  Opening balances need to tie in with the prior month and each report should be complimentary and supportive of the others in the same package. What if you could produce high-caliber reports of this nature consistently and quickly right through your property management software?

Good news: With MDS, you can.

The Report Packager feature built into every MDS system takes full advantage of the flexibility of each individual MDS report and the rock-solid nature of the underlying accounting system upon which everything depends. Producing a suite of reports from MDS customized for each building and recipient is literally as easy as pressing a few buttons. Think of this feature as a production line for producing your monthly report packages. Once you set it up, it practically runs on autopilot each month.

How Does Report Packager Work?

The MDS Report Packager allows you to define:

  • The recipients that should be receiving a report for each of your buildings
  • The recipients’ preferred delivery method
  • Which specific reports from a library of over 100 options should be received by each individual recipient
  • The specific parameters determining how each report in the package should run

Once you have the above setup, your production line is ready to go.  When it’s time to generate your packages, all you need to specify is which buildings and which month you’d like to run. From there, the system takes care of the rest generating (and even emailing, if you’d like!) beautiful, fully collated packages complete with a table of contents including your logo.

No more scrambling to deliver packages with stacks of reports spread across your conference room table at the beginning of each month.  With the click of a button, you’ve produced a high-level product that will have your customers nodding their heads in approval as they review your finished product. And you’ve done it with much less time and effort than ever before.

Report Packager. Another brilliant and practical feature made just for New York property managers like you – and one that comes standard with your MDS system. To get a demo of how much more efficiently it can transform every property management report you handle, call MDS at 888.325.8307 or email


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