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Virtual Lockbox Check Scanning



The MDS Virtual Lockbox is an integrated check scanning and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) solution specifically designed to meet property managers’ needs. This system lets you place all checks and money orders received from your residents into a scanner. It sorts deposits by bank account and updates your accounting system, automatically depositing the funds with your bank. Images of all payment items are maintained within MDS for easy future access. Built specifically for property managers, our check scanning software integrates with MDS Explorer. Our Remote Deposit Capture system stands worlds apart from the generic system provided by your bank or a third party.

Key Features

Eliminate the need to sort deposits by bank account, saving valuable time

Eliminate trips to the bank, for faster availability of your funds

Reject payments from residents through an automatically integrated “Stop File”, avoiding costly errors

Eliminate manual data entry of resident payments into MDS, increasing accuracy and efficiency

Reduce data entry errors through OCR technology and best practice bookkeeping standards

Store images of each payment that you process, enabling fast and easy lookups directly from the MDS Explorer Tenant Ledger



Document Management


The RapidFile Document Management System efficiently scans and files high volumes of documents related to property management quickly and accurately through the magic of barcodes.

Invoice Scanning & Web Based Approval System


The MDS RapidPay system lets you scan and OCR vendor invoices and to route them for approval through custom workflows. reducing the time associated with manual processing and approvals.

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