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RapidPay Invoice Scanning & Web Based Approval System



MDS Rapid Pay is an automated invoice processing and approval solution that reduces the cost and hassle associated with manually entering, approving, and retrieving paper invoices. This online rental property management system takes advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The online rental property management tool performs data entry with minimal human intervention. This saves time by cutting down on costly mistakes and the time it takes to copy, file, and retrieve invoices.

Do you have a board president that must approve every invoice over $5,000? MDS RapidPay makes the review and approval process easy and efficient for everyone. Once entered, invoices are automatically routed to internal and external approvers using robust, user-defined workflows over the web.

Key Features

Reduce the time spent manually entering invoices by over 50%, enabling you to scale up your operation without adding additional staff

Eliminate the costs associated with the storage and copying of paper invoices

Record utility usage information automatically with algorithms specifically optimized to read the invoices of New York’s biggest utility providers

Communicate electronically with approvers and bookkeeping staff directly from the user interface while reviewing and approving invoices, saving valuable time

Increase your business intelligence through near instant visibility on all outstanding invoices

Capture images of invoices for easy retrieval and reduced auditing and reporting costs

Route invoices based on user definable workflows for approval from any location over the web, providing a valuable service to investors and board members looking to approve big ticket invoices

Maintain approval audit trail with full annotation capabilities, for complete control and visibility of your accounts payable process

Check Scanning


The Virtual Lockbox System reduces the labor associated with accounts receivable processing while increasing overall accuracy for property managers dealing with high volumes of checks and bank accounts.

Online Rent Payment & Account Access

The MDS Resident Portal lets you provide your residents with the highest level of service, allowing secure online access to their accounts while reducing incoming phone calls and email inquiries.

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