MDS Presents at CHIP’s “Technology & Multifamily Buildings” Seminar

by | Feb 18, 2017

On February 8, 2017, Adam Friedberg, Vice President at MDS Property Management Software, sat as an expert panelist at CHIP’s “Technology and Multifamily Buildings: Amenities, Management, and Revenue Opportunities” seminar hosted at the New York City Bar Association to a capacity crowd.

Presenting on the topic of “Internal Back-office Management Systems,” Mr. Friedberg went on to participate in a vigorous Question & Answer session between attendees and other panelists.

“For anyone dealing with rent stabilization rules and regulations, getting involved with CHIP is an absolute must.  Just like MDS, CHIP and its membership are affected by the changes in the local market each and every day. The synergies created at these events never fail to impress me.  I learn something every time,” said Friedberg.

Throughout the course of the seminar, Michael Feldman of Choice NY provided the audience with the invaluable perspective of an owner with decades of experience in the industry, whose business practices have steadily progressed from the days of handwritten rent invoices to electronic lease renewal.

CHIP, or the Community Housing Improvement Program, is an industry trade association representing owners of more than 4,000 apartment buildings in New York City’s five boroughs.  Founded in 1966, CHIP has been a key player in City and State housing policy for over 50 years.

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