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Purchase Order and Inventory Control System



The Purchase Order and Inventory Control System lets you order, track, and receive goods and services while maintaining complete control. With complete integration with the MDS Explorer account’s payable system, a comprehensive audit trail is maintained from the Property Manager’s requisition request through final invoice approval. Powerful reporting and query features complete the package allowing you to quickly and easily access the information you need. As an apartment management tool, the Purchase Order and Inventory Control System performs light years ahead of competitors.

Key Features

Maintain complete control of your purchasing decisions through strict protocols and best practices, improving efficiencies and reducing wasteful spending

Track who ordered what goods or services, along with the agreed upon costs, avoiding costly errors

Empower Property Managers to request items in a controlled, auditable manner, eliminating wasteful spending

Create and transmit purchase orders directly from the user interface, eliminating time consuming emails, faxes and phone calls

Review cost histories and compare part costs across multiple vendors, to be sure you are getting the best deal

Document Management

The RapidFile Document Management System efficiently scans and files high volumes of documents related to property management quickly and accurately through the magic of barcodes.

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