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Preferential Rent Management

Maximize ROI while staying



Without the right system, managing tenants with preferential rents in a rent-stabilized portfolio can be challenging on multiple levels. MDS Explorer produces a form that contains the maximum legal thresholds for both one-year and two-year renewals in an understandable format. This makes offering renewals to tenants with expiring leases easy and straightforward. The tenant renewal form flows seamlessly into MDS. This eliminates the need to pull the preferential rents in the rent-stabilized exceptions from the lease renewal database. Once the lease renewals go to print, there is no additional work. This is the way rental property management software is supposed to work.

Key Features

  • Make decisions regarding what to offer preferential rent tenants quickly and easily, saving time and maximizing your potential rent while staying in compliance
  • Generate rent stabilized renewals correctly without the need to double back on preferential rent tenants, streamlining the entire renewal process

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