Resident Portal



The MDS Resident Portal empowers your residents to access key aspects of their account 24 hours a day, providing them with a convenient self-service option, while cutting down on incoming resident phone call and email inquiries. Choose from a variety of features to customize the experience of your residents within the portal to strike the balance that works best for you.

Key Features

  • Allow your residents to check their payment history and account status online, without the need to interact with an operator, providing convenience to the resident while saving you time
  • Enable residents to schedule one-time and recurring payments, providing a convenience for residents while getting paid faster and cutting down on your volume of paper payments
  • Review and approve work order requests submitted by residents, for increased operational efficiency and complete control
  • Grant your residents access to configurable contact forms which route inquiries directly to the appropriate property manager, improving resident relations
  • Deliver report packages to board members and selected recipients easily and efficiently, providing great convenience with minimal effort
  • Push notices and email alerts to residents using a variety of filters, to more efficiently communicate important information

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