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Bedbug Infestation- Local Law 69

Take the bite out of staying compliant



As a standard function per Local Law 69, MDS Explorer tracks bedbug infestation and eradication history at the individual unit level. Tracking bedbug information throughout the year at your apartment rental agency lets you generate reports. These reports put precisely what property managers need at their fingertips to efficiently complete their annual bedbug filing with HPD. Additionally, MDS Explorer generates automatically populated Bedbug Disclosure Forms which can be included as part of fully compliant lease renewal and vacancy lease packages. These options and many more make MDS Explorer the best property management software on the market.

Key Features

  • Track the number of dwelling units with a bedbug infestation history
  • Generate reports that make it very easy to file annually with HPD
  • Track eradication history per dwelling unit
  • Include automatically completed Bedbug Disclosure Forms with lease renewals and vacancy leases

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