Preferential Rent Management

Maximize ROI while staying compliant



Without the right system, managing tenants with preferential rents in a rent stabilized portfolio can be challenging on multiple levels. MDS Explorer makes it easy to decide on what to offer these tenants on their expiring lease by displaying the maximum legal thresholds for both one and two year renewals in an easy to use format. The decisions made on this form flow seamlessly into the MDS Explorer Lease Renewal system eliminating the need to pull these exceptions from your main run of lease renewals. By the time your stabilized renewals are printed, there is no additional work to do because preferential rent tenants have already been taken care of and printed properly.

Key Features

  • Make decisions regarding what to offer preferential rent tenants quickly and easily, saving time and maximizing your potential rent while staying in compliance
  • Generate rent stabilized renewals correctly without the need to double back on preferential rent tenants, streamlining the entire renewal process

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