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DHCR Lease Renewal Packages

Stay compliant, easily and efficiently.



MDS completely automates the process of generating DHCR compliant lease renewal packages. MDS generates complete renewal packages and facilitates the scanning and entry of returned and executed lease renewals. By automating each step of the process, MDS turns an otherwise arduous lease renewal task into a production line of efficiency. Simply put, when you install and employ MDS, you become one of the best property management companies in New York City.

Key Features

  • Generate complete fair market and stabilized renewal packages in a single command including a custom cover letter, current renewal form and all required riders, saving tremendous time
  • Print collated packages with the correct number of copies for each form, eliminating manual copying and sorting
  • Run a monthly worksheet to review and modify preferential rent tenants prior to printing, eliminating manual after-the-fact revisions of stabilized renewals
  • Generate Proof of Mailing forms that correlate with the renewals you’re working on, making it easier than ever to stay compliant
  • Include pre-printed barcodes on any document that will be returned by your residents, for quick and easy scanning and filing through the MDS RapidFile Document Imaging System
  • Speed data entry upon receipt of signed renewals with Data Entry Assist, while at the same time cutting down on transcription errors
  • Deem expired leases through an automatic process at your discretion

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