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Cooperative Management Tools

Happy board, happy life



MDS Explorer offers all the features that you would expect out of a package that has been designed in New York, a market with the heaviest concentration of cooperatives in the country. These features are not only designed to save you time, but also enable you to easily provide a polished product to your board and shareholders that you can be proud of.

Key Features

  • Increase maintenance and add assessments quickly and easily based on a variety of variables, eliminating the need to perform manual data entry
  • Generate custom report packages for easy, automated distribution to the appropriate stakeholders
  • Grant residents online access to their accounts, reducing call volume while providing a valuable service
  • Offer board members the ability to approve invoices online, increasing all around efficiency
  • Print ballots and sign in sheets in preparation for board meetings with the touch of a few buttons
  • Generate consolidated statements for Sponsors, quickly and easily

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