Annual Apartment Rent Registrations

Slash through the DHCR’s red tape with ease



If you manage rent stabilized properties in New York, you know how cumbersome and time consuming the process of registering your units with the DHCR can be. The ability to complete and electronically file your annual registrations comes standard with every system we sell. This program is so much more than a simple “form filler” offered by many of our competitors. To register your apartments properly, MDS Explorer analyzes your April billing and considers everything from preferential rent allowances to MCI increases. As a user, all you do is answer some general system wide questions and run the process for all your buildings. The result is a completely electronic file ready for direct upload to the DHCR’s ARRO website. Don’t waste another minute keying individual apartment information to another piece of software or on the DHCR’s website! If you manage rent stabilized units, this is by far and away the most efficient and painless way to complete this process.

Key Features

  • Analyze April billing in an automated way to generate your submission file, leveraging the work you’ve done throughout the year, ensuring accuracy while eliminating duplicative efforts
  • Account for MCI, Section 8, SCRIE/DRIE, preferential rents and more, automatically without the need for manual intervention
  • Generate a file for upload to the DHCR directly through the ARRO website, eliminating manual, one-by-one entry for each unit in your portfolio
  • Create completed RR-2A and RR-2S forms to be printed from the ARRO website

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