NY Specific Features

New York is our specialty. Nobody responds faster to changes in local regulations than MDS.

MDS has been providing property management software to the local New York market since 1982.  By focusing on our local market, we are able to respond rapidly to changes in local law and market trends.   When the DHCR changes something, it affects over 90% of our client base.  As a result, features and reports relating to rent stabilization and the DHCR are updated with speed that is simply unmatched in the industry.

Key Features for Managing Property in New York

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Dealing with a local software provider focused on the New York market is very important to us.  As anyone managing properties in New York knows, the rules are endless and constantly changing.  MDS is able to quickly build out new functionality and to modify existing systems which really helps us to stay in compliance in an efficient way.

Robert Malek
Malek Management
Brooklyn, NY

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