Mobile Work Orders



The MDS Mobile Work Order System allows you to carry the power of your current MDS Explorer Work Order system out into the field. This browser based product is mobile friendly and designed to work responsively on all mobile touchscreen devices, making it easy for your property managers and maintenance personnel to quickly and easily review, edit and complete tickets in the field. Changes made to work orders in the field or in the main office, automatically sync for real time visibility as to the status of work tickets across your entire portfolio.

Key Features

  • Add, Edit, Cancel and Complete work tickets from the field with real time syncing with your core database, for optimal efficiency
  • Eliminate cumbersome paper work tickets, making the entire work ticket lifecycle more efficient
  • Increase your business intelligence through instant visibility of work orders across your portfolio
  • Capture resident signatures electronically upon completion of work, easily maintaining a complete record of each ticket
  • Utilize Mobile devices already deployed in the field, keeping costs down and rollout as seamless as possible

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