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Tying MDS Explorer into your attorney’s software system can result in huge time savings for both you and your attorney. While each integration is different, the goal is to eliminate much of the back and forth that happens during litigation, including sending appropriate resident ledger and payment history directly to your attorney’s system for import, saving everyone time. As cases proceed, the attorney’s software can oftentimes send a file to update the MDS Legal System, keeping everything up to date without the need for a single phone call. If your volume of cases is high enough, and your attorney’s system has the right capabilities, an integration typically makes good business sense for all parties.

Key Features

  • Avoid time consuming phone calls and emails with your attorney by systematically transmitting appropriate resident information in an easily importable format
  • Stay up to date on the status of cases without manually entering any data into your own system by importing files produced from your attorney’s software

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