Bid Request Management System



The Bid Request Management System allows you to create Bid Requests which are then electronically submitted to selected vendors. Upon the receipt of Bids, Requests are updated with vendor pricing and a vendor is selected. After being selected, the Bid is routed for electronic approval through user defined workflows. Upon ultimate approval, the Bid is then turned into a Purchase Order and submitted to the winning vendor. The Bid Request Management System is a flexible and efficient way to maintain strict control over the purchasing and accounts payable process from beginning to end.

Key Features

  • Create Bid Requests electronically for automated submission to selected vendors, ensuring that multiple Bids are being solicited for major purchases, improving efficiency
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of collected Bids along with when they were approved by which users, ensuring compliance with auditing requirements
  • Route awarded Bids to approvers electronically before they turn into Purchase Orders, maintaining strict control over the process
  • Turn Bids into purchase orders for electronic submission to vendors, increasing operational efficiency

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